A social-professional group for all female Engineers in support of diversity and inclusion


The Engineering Career requires continuous hard work, development and determination . It is better to collaborate with others to solve problems than compete against others for solutions.


Professional development through reading, researching, online webinars, trainings, and other forms of activities enhances productivity, excellence and sustainability in the world.


The best way to inspire others is to display distinctive authenticity and passion while being brave and confident about the strength of your technical and managerial skills.

About Us

CAFEW, which is an acronym for Connecting All Female Engineers Worldwide, is a socio-professional group for all female engineers in support of inclusion and diversity. CAFEW connects and promotes young and experienced female engineers all around the world.

cafew female engineers

It is a platform where members actively play different roles to learn, mentor, volunteer, organize professional events, share experiences, support resume writing and so many other beneficial activities that can be achieved effectively in a social-professional way.

CAFEW is a vibrant, informative space to instruct, inspire and network with women in STEM. CAFEW is here to stay, and I’m glad about it!
Dr Chisa Echendu
CAFEW promotes and connects young & experienced female engineers all over the world. It provides a platform to showcase achievements and technologies.
Amaka Ofili

We share experiences, knowledge, pictures, events, coordinate Engineering related activities and stay connected with other Female Engineers. It is all about staying focused always and ignore the background noise


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