Connecting All Female Engineers Worldwide


CAFEW is a social-professional group for all female engineers in support of diversity and inclusion.

CAFEW was initially known as Connecting African Female Engineers Worldwide which is a facebook group that started on January 21, 2016. Currently, it is now “Connecting All Female Engineers Worldwide.”

CAFEW is a social-professional group for all female Engineers and not just Africans in support of diversity and inclusion. This is where members actively play different roles to learn, mentor, volunteer, organize professional events, share experiences, support resume writing and so many other beneficial activities that can be achieved effectively in a social-professional way.

The Engineering Career requires continuous hard work, development, determination and working through challenges to attain success. Everyone is welcome to provide social-professional advice, articles, training/events, scholarships, etc. too numerous to mention.

The CAFEW Facebook page is committed to boosting the morale of fellow female engineers by encouraging them to give their best, notifying the online members of any technical job opening, training opportunities. This page features up and coming engineers in their respective fields which boost members’ confidence. These profiles mainly show others that we don’t have an excuse because we see other ladies from different backgrounds and with different challenges but still excelling.

Promote & connect

CAFEW promotes and connects young & experienced female engineers all over the world. It provides a platform to showcase achievements, technologies and encourage various female engineers to remain focused in the engineering profession


young female engineers cafew
cafew female engineers

Learn together

Through CAFEW group many ladies are encouraging fellow women to learn new technical skills, develop themselves through continuing education, to take more risks, to be more courageous, accept challenges, and also take on significant roles and managerial positions where there is a high degree of uncertainty – and work to succeed at the challenge.


Global reach

CAFEW intends to be that globally recognized integrated platform where all female Engineers all over the world can see Science, Technology, Mathematics and especially Engineering information readily available.

Some of our amazing members

Our community exists for women in science, technology and engineering  

Bralade emenanjo cafew

Bralade Emenanjo


Marvis Chinda



akelachi kejeh cafew



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Fortune sipay



The “Smart and Stunning” movement by CAFEW is intended to boost the morale of fellow female engineers, scientists and technologists…

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