The ‘Smart and Stunning’ movement by CAFEW is intended to boost the morale of fellow female engineers and scientists

Why Is This Important?

There is a trend that indicates that some females lack confidence or usually struggle as professionals or students. Female engineers need to see themselves as beautiful and, well coordinated, technically sound, decision makers, risk takers, effective communicators and emotionally intelligent.

We need to say the right things to ourselves...

We need to say the right things to ourselves everyday we embark on our daily tasks and strategically carry other women along by promoting the everyday women and not just the accomplished ones. This strategy is in alignment with diversity and inclusion. Learning how to motivate one’s self is a massive step towards becoming, strong bearing in mind that you may not always have someone to prompt you. Being brave with positive energy while commanding respect is extremely necessary.

“Join the campaign”

Take a picture of yourself holding up a sign tagged 'Smart and Stunning' and submit on any of our social media platforms